Think, Share, Be Aware

The number of visitors to our countryside sites, including Buchan Country Park, is on the increase, which is great!

However, with the increase in users comes the need to be careful when out and about - whether that's on foot or bike, with friends, family or just walking the dog.

There are a few things you can do to ensure we all continue to enjoy our countryside:

  • Respect other visitors on your route and be courteous.
  • Cyclists - please slow down and give way to walkers and wheelchair users.
  • Keep your dog under effective control so as to not disturb other park visitors and use the dog waste bins provided.
  • Anglers - please ensure you are familiar with and abide by all Crawley Angling Society rules, including those specific to Buchan Country Park.
  • Take your litter home with you.

Buchan Country Park is a special place for everyone to enjoy - please respect the park and each other.

Think of other visitors, Share paths with others and Be Aware of what's around you!