Terms and conditions

Due to the house being a Grade I listed building, we have a duty to maintain and preserve it. We therefore have some restrictions on its use, as detailed below.

Full terms and conditions are available on request. To contact us, complete our enquiry form.


To preserve the stone and external area of the house, confetti is not permitted.

We suggest that you ask guests to:

  • clap as you exit the building
  • use blowable bubbles
  • form an arch for you to walk through.

These alternatives give an opportunity to celebrate and provide great photo opportunities.

Pets and animals

We can only permit assistance dogs on the premises.

Smoking and vaping

You cannot smoke or vape on the premises. 

Dance floors and discos

We cannot offer dance floors or discos at the house.

Room decorations

You cannot attach decorations to walls or ceilings in the house.

A nominated member of your group must remove any decorative items you bring, such as flowers, banners on stands and so on, at the end of your function.