Van, pickup and trailer waste permit

Apply online for a free permit to use a van, pickup or single-axle trailer to dispose of your household waste.

1 Overview

If you are a West Sussex resident you can apply for a free permit that entitles you to use a van, pickup or single-axle trailer to dispose of your household waste.

The permit allows those that drive a commercial-type vehicle to use it to dispose of their household waste.

Businesses still need to use the waste transfer stations and pay to dispose of their business waste.

The permit scheme has been introduced at all 11 West Sussex household waste recycling sites and the two mobile sites. It will help address congestion, out of county visitors and illegal commercial waste at our recycling sites. For health and safety reasons all trailers will be banned from Bognor Regis and Littlehampton sites. 

Permits are issued per qualifying vehicle.

2 When a permit is needed

Vehicles that require a permit

  • Commercial-type vehicles with one or more of the following features:
    • no rear windows
    • no rear side windows and/or panels in place of rear side windows
    • no rear seats
    • an open back, or back which is separate to the main cab such as a closed cab pickup.
  • Single-axle trailers (any size but must not be modified)

Vehicles that do not require a permit

Cars and 4x4s do not require a permit to access the household waste recycling sites.

If you hire a van or pickup for seven days or less to dispose of your own household waste you do not require a permit. However, proof you live in West Sussex (driving licence or utility bill) and the hire vehicle documentation will be required.

Vehicles that are not permitted access to a recycling site

  • Luton vans
  • Horseboxes
  • Twin-axle trailer
  • Vehicles over 3 tonnes gross weight
  • Tipper trucks

Further information on which vehicles are allowed to use the recycling site with a permit can be found in the checklist below.

3 How to use the permit

Your permit must be clearly displayed so that it is visible to all recycling site staff. This will help staff distinguish between householders and businesses. If you forget your permit you will be unable to dispose of your waste.

Staff may ask to see photographic proof, usually your driving licence, to confirm that you are a resident of West Sussex.

Please note that a permit provides permission to enter the site only and is not a permit to deposit waste which is subject to the site user guidelines, and any waste restrictions apply. Household construction and demolition waste is restricted to 200kg per visit.

Depending on the frequency of visits and the type of waste being deposited, permit holders may be asked to complete a disclaimer form to confirm that the waste is from your own household and is not trade waste. 

4 Apply for a permit

Before applying for a van, pickup and trailer permit you are required to read our terms and conditions.

During the application you will need to confirm you:

  • accept the terms and conditions of the permit
  • live in West Sussex
  • have access to a printer to print the permit, if not - we will post the permit to you within 10 working days to the address you provide.
Apply online for waste permit

5 Changing your permit details

The permit does not need to be renewed unless any of the following details change. Your:

  • vehicle
  • home address
  • email address. 

If any of these change you are required to apply for another permit online. You will need to accept our terms and conditions before any changes will be accepted.

You will not be able to use the recycling site until you have received your updated permit.

If you lose your permit you will need to apply for a new permit in the same way.

6 Frequently asked questions

Do I need to renew my permit?

No. The permit does not need to be renewed unless any details change, such as your vehicle, home address and email address. If any of your details do change you are required to apply for another permit online. You will need to accept our terms and conditions before any changes will be accepted.

Note: You will not be able to use the recycling site until you have received your updated permit.

Does the permit have to be a printed hard copy. I have a smartphone so can I not show you the confirmation email/permit instead?

All permits must be a hard copy and clearly displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle so that it is visible to all site staff. The use of smartphones was considered, but it was felt that using these to display the information will take more time for staff to view the permit resulting in traffic congestion. In addition, there could be issues if the phone is low on battery use, or if for whatever reason there is not an internet connection on site or the phone has been left at home.

Are the number of visits to household waste recycling sites restricted under the permit scheme?

No, you are able to use sites as and when required to dispose of your household waste, provided you display your permit and possess the required identification.

What if I sell the van or trailer?

You can either destroy the permit or hand it in to any recycling site. Please do not transfer the permit when you sell the van/trailer. The new owner will need to apply if they are a West Sussex resident and wish to use our sites.

Can I use my trailer at all sites?

No.Trailers (single-axle only) will be accepted at all sites with the exception of Littlehampton and Bognor. Following a health and safety inspection at both sites and feedback from customers it was ascertained that these two sites have insufficient space to safely continue to let these vehicles have access. Other sites, for example, Worthing and Westhampnett are much better equipped for the use of single-axle trailers.

Are trailer dimensions a restriction under the permit scheme?

No. The trailer criteria is based only on the number of axles and does not relate in any way to the dimensions of the trailer. There is also no restriction on the combined length of a vehicle and trailer.  As long as all trailers are single axle with only two wheels and have a permit then they will be allowed to use all sites (except Littlehampton and Bognor).

Why are twin or multi-axle trailers excluded under the new measures at all recycling sites?

Congestion is often caused by large capacity vehicles depositing large loads and feedback from sites tell us that vehicles equipped to carry very heavy loads can also have an effect on queuing times and safety issues. A single axle trailer might for example take a load of up to 750kg while a double axle trailer of the same dimensions can carry double that. It seems sensible when implementing these changes that we look at all the root causes of the problems we are trying to address, which is why axles were factored in and this decision was made.

With regard to trailer usage, what does ‘unmodified’ mean?

An unmodified trailer is a standard unit that has not been altered and does not have extra boarding to increase the height or length.

Why are Luton vans, horseboxes, tippers and twin-axle trailers banned from the sites?

These are often the type of vehicles that traders use and the permit scheme is being introduced to try and combat the potential abuse of commercial waste being disposed of free of charge. In addition, a decision was made on the grounds of health, safety and welfare to customers and staff.

I have hired a man and van to get rid of my waste – can he have a permit?

No. As soon as you give your waste to someone else and pay for them to take it away, it becomes commercial waste and must be taken to a waste transfer station where it will be weighed and charged for.

I have a company vehicle registered to the company which is not based in West Sussex. Can I still have a permit?

Yes, but you must use your residential address in West Sussex for the application. It is the residential address of the driver that is relevant.

I am a trader and have a van or pick-up which is registered to my business at my home address. Can I still have a permit?

Yes, but your vehicle can only be used to bring in your household waste. If the origin of the waste is in doubt you will be asked to complete a disclaimer form. All commercial waste must be disposed of at one of our waste transfer stations to be weighed and charged for.

I don't have a photographic driving licence, what do I do?

Any form of photographic identification will be acceptable, for example, passport, bus pass, membership card together with your driving licence, to confirm you reside in West Sussex.

How can I apply for a permit if I don't have internet access?

The quickest and easiest way to apply for a permit is to do it online. If you are unable to apply online, please telephone 01243 642106 and someone will complete the application form on your behalf and post the permit to your home address. Please be aware that your permit could take up to 10 working days to reach you.

Last updated:
15 May 2019

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