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Hard plastics

How to recycle hard plastics.

Examples of hard plastics

Do not dispose of hard plastics at home. Hard plastics are accepted for recycling at all of our recycling centres (RCs)

  • Which RC container

    Use the hard plastics container.

  • Which RC accepts this waste?

    All our recycling centres accept hard plastics.

  • Further information

    Items permitted in the hard plastics container are:

    • buckets and bins
    • car bumpers
    • guttering, downpipes and utility pipes
    • large plastic children’s toys
    • plastic coat hangers
    • plastic garden furniture
    • plastic plant pots
    • storage containers
    • traffic cones and barriers (feet removed)
    • water butts
    • wheelie bins and compost bins.

    Please make sure items such as storage containers and bins are empty before disposal.

    If you require further assistance, ask a staff member at the RC or contact Waste Management Services on 01243 642106.

Last updated:
23 May 2024
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