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How to recycle plastics.

Various items of plastic, including bags and bottles in a collage.

You can recycle many plastics at home. They can also be taken to your local recycling centre (RC).

  • Put in your recycling bin

    • all plastic bottles¬†(for example drinks, bathroom and detergent bottles), squashed and with lids replaced
    • all plastic pots (for example yoghurt, cream and cottage cheese pots)
    • all plastic tubs (for example ice cream, margarine, cosmetics, and laundry tubs)
    • all plastic food trays (for example food, meat, fruit, microwave trays and Easter egg packaging)
    • other plastic lids (for example container and jar lids)
    • plastic vending machine cups.
  • Put in your general waste bin

    • plastic films (for example cling film, the covers of food trays and peel-back lids)
    • plastic bags (for example carrier bags, bin liners, cereal bags, sandwich bags, and bread bags)
    • crisp packets and wrappers
    • bubble wrap
    • expanded polystyrene
    • styrofoam
    • plastic toys
    • garden plastics (for example plant pots, seed trays, tools and furniture).
  • Which RC container

    • For recyclable plastics, use the mixed recycling containers.
    • For non-recyclable plastics, use the general waste container.
  • Which RC accept this waste

    All our recycling centres accept plastic bottles and containers.

  • Further information

    • Please empty and squash your plastic bottles and replace the lids.
    • Ensure that plastics are clean, empty, free from any food or drink leftovers and dry before putting them in your recycling bin.

    Recycling symbols appear on lots of plastic items and are commonly thought to indicate whether an item can be recycled or not.

    These symbols are generalised to the whole of the UK and might not be relevant for West Sussex. In West Sussex, residents can recycle any plastic bottles (tops on), pots, tubs and trays in their recycling bin at home regardless of colour and any labels on their packaging.

    For more information on packaging labels and what they mean visit the Recycle Now website.

  • You could also...

    • use reusable bottles, cups and containers.
    • try shopping at a refill shop to reduce the amount of packaging you buy.
    • use shops and takeaways that offer reusable packaging for their food.
    • use some supermarkets who have collection points for plastic bags, plastic film and bread bags etc.


Last updated:
23 May 2024
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