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How to recycle plastics.

Various items of plastic, including bags and bottles in a collage.

You can recycle many plastics at home. They can also be taken to your local recycling centre (RC).

  • Put in your recycling bin

    • all plastic bottles¬†(for example drinks, bathroom and detergent bottles), squashed and with lids replaced
    • all plastic pots (for example yoghurt, cream and cottage cheese pots)
    • all plastic tubs (for example ice cream, margarine, cosmetics, and laundry tubs)
    • all plastic food trays (for example food, meat, fruit, microwave trays and Easter egg packaging)
    • other plastic lids (for example container and jar lids)
    • plastic vending machine cups.
  • Put in your general waste bin

    • plastic films (for example cling film, the covers of food trays and peel-back lids)
    • plastic bags (for example carrier bags, bin liners, cereal bags, sandwich bags, and bread bags)
    • crisp packets and wrappers
    • bubble wrap
    • expanded polystyrene
    • styrofoam
    • plastic toys
    • garden plastics (for example plant pots, seed trays, tools and furniture).
  • Which RC container

    • For recyclable plastics, use the mixed recycling containers.
    • For non-recyclable plastics, use the general waste container.
  • Which RC accept this waste

    All our recycling centres accept plastic bottles and containers.

  • Further information

    • Please empty and squash your plastic bottles and replace the lids.
    • Ensure that plastics are clean, empty, free from any food or drink leftovers and dry before putting them in your recycling bin.
  • You could also...

    • use reusable bottles, cups and containers.
    • try shopping at a refill shop to reduce the amount of packaging you buy.
    • use shops and takeaways that offer reusable packaging for their food.
    • use some supermarkets who have collection points for plastic bags, plastic film and bread bags etc.


Last updated:
17 May 2024
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