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  • Orchard House is a 'Good' Ofsted-rated home, providing a range of services that make a difference to the lives of children who have severe and complex learning disabilities and their families.

    We are a creative team who work hard to give children opportunities to develop to their full potential whilst ensuring they feel safe and have a lot of fun.

    Our support is tailored to meet individual needs and ranges from clubs and day care to short breaks and full-time care.

    We are a cohesive team who can discuss ideas and challenge issues to inform decision making and we believe in looking after each other so that we are able to offer our best to the children.

    Work here is not always easy, but it is rewarding, and every day is different.

    Orchard House is currently undergoing an exciting refurbishment to their facilities.

    Families describe us as:

    "a fantastic home, where everyone went way beyond what we were expecting and always with a smile. Orchard House and its staff will stay in our hearts forever."
    "the best thing we have ever done for our child."
    "incredible, they do so much for us. We would be completely lost without them."

    Other professionals describe us as:

    "having an open culture with a commitment to person centred working for the young people in their care."
    "a thoughtful, enthusiastic and reflective team who were really energising to work with."

    For an informal chat and to find out more, please phone Susan Wadey, Registered Manager on 01444 454226.

  • High Trees is a 'Good' Ofsted-rated home. Our home is small and inviting and we look after the individual needs of children with autism and learning disabilities and their families.

    We are ideally located in a lovely area, with a large, open garden with a patio and are very much a part of the community. We are within easy walking distance of local shops, public transport and many different activities and venues which we regularly enjoy using.

    Our dedicated and skilled staff team are keen to ensure that children who stay with us, whether full time or for short breaks, feel at home and feel safe, have many opportunities for both fun and learning and reach their full potential in a range of creative ways.

    We support each other to overcome challenges and work closely with many other professionals too. This enables us to continue to provide the high quality of care to our children, in a homely and caring environment.

    Some of the things that people say about us:

    “You guys work with some of the most complex children and go the extra mile in ensuring they have a fulfilling life with you and when they leave you. You never give up on any child and a lot of places could learn a lot from you.”

    (Feedback from the class teacher of one of our children.)

    “The level of commitment and flexibility from High Trees, who I have to say have gone above and beyond, has been exceptional. I am especially impressed with both the keyworker and the manager who really are committed to supporting and achieving consistency and the best outcomes for the people they support.”

    (Feedback from the transition worker of a child moving into Adults’ Services.)

    “As ever, I was struck by the wonderful care given at High Trees and the amount of attention to making B’s day special. The team are so caring, gentle, respectful and supportive and it really does feel homely - the food was amazing too!”

    (Feedback from the independent visitor of a child, who came to his birthday celebration at the home.)

    For an informal chat and to find out more, please phone Lianne Finch, Registered Manager on 01293 526501.

  • Teasel Close is a five-bed home for children who have emotional and/or behavioural issues, making it hard for them to live within a family environment.

    We aim to provide a supportive, fun and nurturing home, where the children feel safe, valued, respected and cared for. The children we care for very often have gone through difficulties and staff work with them through challenging times, sharing their triumphs and sometimes mistakes, but always with the best interest of the children at the centre of all our work.

    Some of the things that people say about us:

    “You are all such good people with amazing hearts, and I thank you all dearly for making me feel like I am a child and I actually mean something, and I am not a bad person and there are good people out there. You are special.”

    (Former resident at Teasel Close.)

    “I have lived in many foster placements and sometimes for only a few weeks at a time, until I finally moved to Teasel. I stayed there for two years and I definitely was not an easy teenager to deal with but they never gave up on me. I didn’t see it at the time but I would give anything to live back at Teasel.”

    (Former resident at Teasel Close.)

    “In my opinion, Teasel Close has and still does a brilliant job to support my daughter, as she can be challenging. They do their best to keep me updated on her behaviour, good or bad. Thanks for all you do.”

    (Feedback from a parent.)

    For an informal chat and to find out more please phone Zoe Willis, Registered Manager on 01293 536075.

  • Blue Cove is a three-bed home and welcomes children of all genders between the ages of 12 and 16 years at the time of referral. We offer short term emergency placements to children at times of crisis or significant change in their lives.

    As a result of family breakdown and early childhood trauma, the children in our care have a range of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and as such, they are often at risk in the community and it is our goal to keep them safe from harm. We work with partner agencies to find a suitable placement or to support them to reintegrate into their previous or a new setting.

    Our staff support children through building positive relationships and role modelling.

    Children are encouraged to partake in a range of activities, both in and outdoors to build upon their confidence and resilience.

    Blue Cove is a fast-paced, exciting home to work in, providing exceptional care and support for children. We look for passionate individuals with excellent organisational skills who can offer high standards of support to children with a focus on consistency and aspirational outcomes and a “can do” attitude.

    For an informal chat and to find out more please phone Emma Gibbons, Registered Manager on 01293 536075.

  • Bright Star is an outstanding Ofsted-rated home that provides full time care and short breaks for children and young people aged between 7 and 18 years with a wide range of needs including physical disabilities, autism and/or challenging behaviour.

    Bright Star has been recently refurbished and has excellent facilities and play equipment.

    We are looking for enthusiastic, bright, fun people to join our team to provide an exceptional level of support to the children in our care. This includes supporting with personal care and daily living skills and promoting a relaxed homely environment full of fun outings and activities where the children can feel safe and be successful in achieving their goals and dreams.

    For an informal chat and to find out more please phone Sharlene Vallance, Registered Manager on 01903 947643.

  • Breakwater offers short to medium term residential care for children and young people aged 12-17. We work with children and young people who present a range of social, emotional and mental health difficulties due to family breakdown and early childhood trauma.

    Children and young people who come to Breakwater are often victims of exploitation, involved in crime and may have experienced a breakdown in education provision. They may also be at risk of becoming homeless and have limited support around them.

    Alongside the main part of our home, Breakwater also offers two smaller self-contained flats to support young people who are looking to move into semi-independent living. We recognise that the transition into adulthood can be challenging and that we need to promote emotional and social development alongside practical skills to achieve readiness for the future.

    The Breakwater team are trained in a range of interventions to promote independence and support children and young people during this transitional period.

    We are looking for individuals who are passionate about making a genuine difference to the lives of our children and young people.

    For an informal chat and to find out about the career opportunities at Breakwater, phone Eerik Sjostedt on 01273 093071, or email eerik.sjostedt@westsussex.gov.uk.

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