About the Early Help service

Claire Hayes, Head of Early Help at West Sussex County Council, talks to us about what the service is all about.

About Early Help

The Early Help service provides a range of services to children, young people, and families across West Sussex, helping them at the earliest opportunity.

We have twelve family hubs across the county enabling people to drop in for information, advice, and guidance. They are a great place to work if you want to connect with people in the community.

There is a dedicated school’s team, with specialist workers responsible for supporting schools in understanding the different types of assistance children might need. They can also go into homes to help families in a quick, flexible way, depending on requirement.

Our Family Support team has specialists helping families long-term in their homes and the community, supporting them on a plan that achieves the best outcomes for themselves and their children.

Finally, the Early Help team at the Integrated Front Door, works alongside social care professionals. They triage families, respond to enquiries and ensure that children go to the correct family hub.

We have a wide range of roles in Early Help. You can work in our family hubs, interact with the community and see the positive impact we have on the lives of children and families. Training and progression opportunities can take you right up to team manager and service manager levels.

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