Career progression and development

“I have always felt heard and respected, and we are a great working team to be able to consider others’ views and work on them. I feel my suggestions and support is appreciated and this helps me to feel confident to continue contributing.”

Night Support Worker, WSCC

We value our staff teams and offer a wide range of learning opportunities, developing our staff through succession and career planning. We also offer a robust in-house induction for all our staff when they start with us.

We are highly committed to supporting your professional progression and we offer you:

  • a clear training pathway to develop and promote talent and standards of practice and provide opportunities to progress at each level of the organisation
  • at least 20 days training in your first year of joining us
  • a clear career path of progression from unqualified to senior qualified within two to three years
  • support and funding for a range of apprenticeships/diplomas in care ranging from level 2 to level 5, in line with the requirements of each role
  • opportunities to increase your experience and skills and develop your career by working in our different settings.

For all other roles, a training and development plan will be put in place, tailored to your experience and aspirations.

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