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“The staff are a core part of our home and we will support you with comprehensive training, team chats and one-to-one supervisions. We want to know your thoughts and ideas on how we can continually strive to provide the service that our people deserve. No experience in care is necessary, only the will to work as part of a team to improve people’s lives.”

Assistant Manager New Tyne

Directly Provided Services (DPS) offer a range of social care services run by West Sussex County Council. This includes seven day opportunity hubs, six residential services and a countywide shared lives scheme (this is where people are supported within shared lives carers' homes).

Our residential and Shared Lives services are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). For more information about the CQC and what they do, visit their website.

We are committed to supporting people to maintain and regain independence and make best use of what is on offer within their local communities.

Whilst some services may be on a short-term basis, we recognise the importance of carer's support (short breaks) and the need for longer term/permanent placements to meet long-term or complex social care needs.

The services can support a variety of people, including:

  • older people
  • older people with mental health support needs
  • people with dementia
  • people with a learning disability or autism
  • people who may have a physical disability, sensory impairment (sight or hearing difficulty), memory loss or a brain injury.

We aim to:

  • support people to live the lives they want to lead - including work (paid and non-paid), education, and having the opportunity to try new things
  • support people to access and be involved in their local community - this may include independent travel
  • support people to maintain friendships and relationships and meet new people
  • reduce long term support and increase short term support - giving ‘the right amount of support’
  • support people to be involved in everyday decision making about the support they receive
  • ensure people are at the heart of decision making in your service. This may include:
    • participating in staff recruitment
    • activity development
    • how money is spent on the service, the environment and equipment
    • meals.
  • ensure people have access to information to support them to know and understand how to stay safe and healthy
  • ensure people understand how to raise a concern/make a complaint and feel that changes are made.

Read about our new Adult social care strategy and Council Plan.

You can find out more about us on our Connect to Support page.

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