Mrs Morwen Millson

Electoral division

Horsham Riverside

Political party

Liberal Democrat


  • Appeals Panel
  • Corporate Parenting Panel (Chairman)
  • North Horsham County Local Committee

Appointments to outside bodies

  • West Sussex Fairtrade Committee

Register of interests

Mrs Morwen Millson (PDF, 37KB)

Allowances and expenses

Councillor allowances and expenses

Record of attendance - Committees and panels

Councillors' records of attendance

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Morwen Millson is a former teacher and a longstanding County Councillor. She is particularly interested in ensuring high quality education and other services for young people, including Youth Services, Mental Health Services and support for Children Looked After. Morwen also supports services for carers of all ages. Recognising the threats posed to climate change through flooding and damage to roads, Morwen is keen to support environmental initiatives in West Sussex.

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