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About the Youth Cabinet

How the Youth Cabinet is formed and projects they get involved with.

The Youth Cabinet is a group of 48 young people, aged 11-19, who are elected every two years to represent the views and concerns of young people in West Sussex.

The Cabinet attends local and national meetings and events, informing them about important social and political issues. Some of the ways they do this are by producing films, blogs and other media.

The Youth Cabinet has been going since 2001 and successful projects they have been involved in include the introduction of the 3in1 Card, championing eco-schools, helping to shape how sex education is taught in schools and promoting democracy with events such as the annual Local Democracy Day.

There are 24 constituencies, each sending two members to the Youth Cabinet. If you are between 11-19 and live, study or work in West Sussex, you are eligible to stand for election to the Youth Cabinet.

Getting involved with the Youth Cabinet gives you the chance to make new friends, learn new skills and to make a difference to other young people in West Sussex.

You can keep up with all the Youth Cabinet news on their blog.  

If you would like to contact the Youth Cabinet, or you are interested in joining, please complete our online form.

Last updated:
23 October 2017

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