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Alternatives to higher education

Options to consider if you are not going on to higher education.

If you have decided against going to university there are other options you can consider.

  • Find a traineeship, apprenticeship or job
  • Take some time out and go on a gap year.
  • School leaver programmes - These schemes are run by companies in all industries. They are a good alternative to uni as most involve studying for qualifications, provide a salary straight away which means you won't have student loans to repay.  
  • Sponsored degrees - If you know the career you want to pursue, sponsored degrees are an attractive option as they often provide a salary, as well as funding for your degree, work experience and a guaranteed graduate job at the end.
  • Distance learning - If you want to study at home, or combine studying with working, then distance learning may be ideal. Find out more from the Open University

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Last updated:
28 April 2021
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