Report an incident or issue to Trading Standards

How to report an illegal or undesirable trading activity to Trading Standards.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) incident reporting

Competition and Marketing Authority, Coronavirus (COVID-19) and excessive pricing

The Competition and Marketing Authority (CMA) are leading on the government response to profiteering and needs to be informed of any businesses selling goods at excessive prices.

If this is the incident you wish to report, please complete the CMA online incident reporting form below.

CMA online incident reporting form (GOV.UK) (external link)

In addition to this, if the business is also not displaying the price of any of its goods, please use the incident report form to report the matter to Trading Standards as this is an issue we need to be aware of.

Report to Trading Standards

Trading Standards and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In order to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we would like to be informed of West Sussex traders who are:

  • Providing food and drink to customers to be consumed on their premises (either inside/out) including:
    • Restaurants, including restaurants and dining rooms in hotels or members clubs
    • Cafes, including workplace canteens
    • Bars, including bars in hotels or members’ clubs
    • Public houses
    • Takeaways or food businesses providing takeaway services that have provided outside seating for their customers.
  • Allowing the following businesses to remain open:
    • Cinemas
    • Theatres
    • Nightclubs
    • Bingo halls
    • Concert halls
    • Museums and galleries
    • Casinos
    • Betting shops
    • Spas
    • Massage parlours
    • Indoor skating rinks
    • Indoor fitness studios, gyms, swimming pools or other indoor leisure centres.

(Please note: this list may be extended over time)

  • Appear to be making misleading claims, or falsely describing goods or services in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19), for example, offering products or services that can cure COVID-19 or selling goods that are not what they say, for example, hand sanitiser that appears to be counterfeit or traders selling online COVID-19 testing kits.

West Sussex Trading Standards relies on information received from residents, businesses and partner agencies to identify undesirable and illegal rogue trading activity. We need to know who is engaging in such activity and also who is being targeted.

Please do not complete this form if you require consumer advice in connection with the matter you wish to report. You should instead contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on Freephone 0808 223 1133 or online. They will give advice and also pass the details you provide to Trading Standards.

Report to Trading Standards

Information we particularly want to receive

  • Traders supplying illicit tobacco and alcohol, such as counterfeit and non-duty paid products, tobacco products with foreign language or missing health warnings and the sale of single cigarettes.
  • Traders calling on potentially vulnerable residents to offer home improvement services, such as gardening, roofing and driveway work.
  • Traders exploiting vulnerable residents by, for example, selling them overpriced or misdescribed goods or services.
  • Traders supplying age-restricted products, such as knives, fireworks, tobacco or alcohol, to young people.
  • Illegal money lending activity ('loan sharking').
  • Scam mail or phone calls targeting residents, such as letters and phone calls claiming prize draw or lottery ‘wins’.
  • The supply of counterfeit goods.
  • Food and drink issues, including lack of/incorrect allergen information; fish or animal species substitution or false claims about place of origin.
  • The sale of illegally imported pets (popular breeds include French Bulldogs and Pugs).
  • Animal welfare complaints relating to farm animals.
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