Capital programme

The capital programme explains where we will spend on capital projects and how this expenditure will be resourced

Graphs showing capital programme and capital resourcing

Capital programme for 2021/2022 to 2025/2026

Economic growth and strategic infrastructure

  • Total - £260.8m
  • £53.7m investment in solar energy
  • £44.4m investment in local growth programmes
  • £42.8m to re-align the A29, Bognor Regis
  • £18.7m to increase the number of premises in the county that can access gigabit broadband
  • £17.5m to enhance the corridor capacity on the A259, East Arun
  • £15.8m to develop Broadbridge Heath Retail Park

Education, including schools

  • Total - £105.0m
  • £57.1m to increase pupil places across our primary and secondary schools
  • £19.0m to build a new Woodlands Meed school
  • £9.0m to increase pupil places for the provision of special educational needs

Building maintenance and efficiency

  • Total - £61.2m
  • £34.9m investment in improvements to our school buildings maintenance and efficiency
  • £13.4m investment in improvements to building maintenance and efficiency
  • £10.0m investment into climate change

Highways maintenance and integrated highways schemes

  • Total - £103.2m
  • £97.9m of structural maintenance to maintain and improve the roads network

Community and social care

  • Total - £80.0m
  • £20.9m to build a new live training centre and fire station in Horsham
  • £19.3m for the County Council's fleet of vehicles, including Fire and Rescue, Highways and Transport and Social Care vehicles
  • £12.7m to improve service provision in Adult Day Services buildings
  • £5.3m creating additional Children's Social Care residential places
  • £4.3m on transformational projects including the implementation of a business management solution


  • Total - £56.3m
  • £25.0m set aside for new schemes that come forward that support economic development.
  • £21.2m set aside for new schemes that come forward as capital improvements

Capital resourcing for 2021/2022 to 2025/2026


Total - £364.1m

Government grants

Total - £187.7m

External contributions (for example, S106)

Total - £75.3m

Revenue contributions

Total - £24.6m

Capital receipts

Total - £14.8m