Difficulty in making and maintaining healthy relationships

Strategies and provision that could be used to support.

Provision and / or strategies:

  • Use small group/nurture group activities to support personal, social and emotional development.
  • Model appropriate emotional responses to disagreements or difficulties with e.g. sharing/turn taking.
  • Think about who the child or young person can maintain a relationship with, for example, adults only, younger children. Try to understand the reasons for this and use the information to build their capacity to maintain relationships.
  • Use and model a conflict resolution approach to help manage upsets and disagreements. Use restorative approaches when relationships break down.
  • Try differentiated opportunities for social and emotional development, for example buddy system, paired learning activities, scaffolding group work.
  • Use restorative approaches when relationships break down.
  • Use a key worker to rehearse and replay more appropriate social communication methods, provide opportunities to practice the social communication skill.
  • Discuss the use of dedicated and planned tome with your SENCO to support the child / young person when necessary, such as during unstructured break and lunch times.
  • Do not use the schools / settings ‘SEND’ base purely as a reactive strategy when friendship issues arise.
  • Consider using ‘Circles of Friends’ techniques or similar.