Difficulties with language/difficulties with communication

Examples of strategies or provision that could be used to support.

Provisions and /or strategies

  • Use the child’s name first to draw their attention, followed by key word instructions. For example, Jamie, stop.
  • Give simple instructions (avoiding idioms).
  • Use objects of reference to support routine.
  • Use literal language (avoiding sarcasm and figures of speech).
  • Use of symbol communication such as Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) if recommended by a specialist who has provided training to enable practitioners to implement the system correctly.
  • Be aware of you own body language: a high percentage of what we communicate is non verbal.

Have an awareness of:

  • an appropriate tone of voice (calm, not too loud)
  • an appropriate environment (noise, temperature, lighting, layout)
  • use of language (some children may need a language rich environment; others may need it to be kept simple).