Anxiety in busy unpredictable environments

Examples of strategies or provision that could be used to support.

Provision and/or strategies

  • Prepare for change of activity or routine, e.g. use of visual resources and objects of reference.
  • Organise small group / 1 to 1 tasks and activities if needed.
  • Ensure that there is a calm learning environment and access to a low arousal space.
  • Ensure clear communication of expectations.
  • Provide regular mentor support, including adult and peers.
  • Consider the use of a visual timetable or ‘now and next’ cards.
  • Ensure staff monitor key transition points e.g. drop off / pick up, snack / lunchtime, visitors and changes to routine with strategies to reduce anxiety.
  • Provide a ‘get out’ option or a way of asking for helping /alerting adults to distress.