LGBT+ and exploring CYP

Supporting the inclusion of LGBT+ and exploring children and young people (CYP).

Unfortunately, there is overwhelming evidence that LGBT+ children and young people are more likely to be victims of bullying in educational settings, at home, and in their communities compared to their non-LGBT+ peers. They are also more likely to experience mental health issues, unstable housing, substance misuse problems, and a lack of LGBT+ inclusive Relationship and Sex Education (RSE).

Allsorts support services

  • LGBT+ Youth Support Service
  • LGBT+ Family Support Service
  • LGBT+ Youth Support & Education Service for Schools
  • LGBT+ Awareness and Inclusion Training (for schools, colleges and organisations)

Allsorts’ specialist support goes a long way to addressing the issues that many LGBT+ children and young people face and helps them improve their wellbeing and their lives in general. The support offered is delivered within age-appropriate conversations, activities and workshops during Allsorts youth groups and one-to-one support sessions.

Allsorts believes in the importance of providing LGBT+ children and young people with an LGBT+ safer space, and positive role modelling from confident LGBT+ adults.

Allsorts’ approach is to work in collaboration with other services to enable children and young people to engage with the wider community, and not just with LGBT+ specific services or organisations.

Allsorts offer some useful resources for children and young people and their families and the professionals supporting them.

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