Text for bus times

Find out how to get bus times information on your mobile phone.

Text for Times sends a text message direct to your mobile phone, giving the real time of the next 3 buses to arrive at your bus stop. Scheduled bus times are shown if live times are not available.

How do I get my bus times?

  • Find the unique 8-letter bus stop code beginning with ‘wsx’ - make sure you have the correct code for the direction in which you wish to travel.
  • Enter the unique 8-letter bus stop code into a blank text and send to 84268.
  • In a few seconds you will receive a text giving you the next 3 buses to depart from your chosen stop.

Texts cost 25p, plus your normal SMS sending charge. If for any reason the real-time information is not available you will receive the scheduled arrival times as shown in the printed bus timetable.

How do I find the 8-letter bus stop code?

The unique 8-letter bus stop code is clearly displayed on a small sign at the bus stop. The bus stop code will always start with 'wsx', which is the abbreviation for West Sussex.

What if I only want the times for 'my' bus route?

If you need times for a specific route number, just leave a space after the bus stop code, and then enter the route number. For example, wsxajpmt 10.

What if I need bus times from more than one bus stop?

Each bus stop has a unique 8-letter bus stop code. Save the different codes for the stops on your mobile phone. Then text the unique 8-letter bus stop code to 84268.

Is Text for Times available all day?

Yes, it is. You can text any time of day, any day of the year! Please remember that if you text after the bus services have stopped running for the evening, you will receive a text with the timetabled bus information for the following morning. There may also be restricted services on Bank Holidays.

What are the benefits of Text for Times?

  • Its quick and easy to use.
  • You can access bus times wherever you are.
  • There's no need to carry a bus timetable.
  • You get a response in just a few seconds (subject to your network connection).


NextBuses is a mobile internet service from Traveline which makes it possible to find bus times on your mobile phone. Scheduled bus times are shown if live times are not available. Normal data charges from your mobile phone operator apply. Speed and access to the service is subject to your network connection.

Last updated:
14 November 2019
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