Free older person's bus pass

Apply for, renew or replace a bus pass offering free travel for those of State Pension age.

1 What the County Council offers

We can provide a five-year bus pass offering free off-peak (weekdays 9.30am-11.00pm and all day on weekends and bank holidays) bus travel in England for those who are eligible.

Alternatively, if you have a qualifying disability, we can offer:

2 Eligibility

To be eligible you need to:

  • be a permanent West Sussex resident
  • have reached the State Pension age.

Please check your pensionable age on GOV.UK (this will open in a new window).

3 What you need to provide when you apply

When you apply you will need to provide copies of the following with your application form:

  1. One clear and recent passport photo with a light background.
  2. One proof of address, such as:
    • valid driving licence
    • most recent Council Tax bill
    • utility bill (no more than three months old)
    • bank statement (no more than three months old)
    • proof of pension entitlement.
  3. One proof of age, such as:
    • passport
    • birth certificate
    • marriage certificate
    • valid driving licence
    • proof of pension entitlement.

Do not send original documents. 

4 Apply for a bus pass

Applying online

You can apply for a new, renewal or replacement bus pass online via our 'My Bus Pass' website:

Apply online via My Bus Pass (external link)

An application for your first pass can be made up to one month before your 66th birthday.

You may be required to upload a photograph and/or proof of eligibility documentation along with your application, so please have these ready when prompted. Further guidance about valid photographs and documents is provided on the My Bus Pass site.

Applying by post

Step 1. Download, print and complete the application form:

Step 2. Attach copies of the supporting evidence.

Step 3. Post everything to:

West Sussex Bus Pass
PO Box 212

5 Using your bus pass

You can travel off-peak on local buses anywhere in England as far and as often as you like.

Where and when you can use your pass

Where and when you can use your pass: Showing location, weekdays (not public holidays) and weekends and public holidays.
Location Weekdays (not public holidays) Weekends and public holidays
West Sussex/any other local authority in England 9.30am to 11.00pm Any time
Transport for London buses From 9.30am (please note that you can no longer use your West Sussex bus pass on weekdays between 4.30am and 9.30am) Any time

Find bus routes and timetables.

Passes can also be used on:

  • 42 (Compass Bus) - 0917 Loxwood, 0921 Ifold, 0926 Plaistow
  • 60 (Brighton and Hove) - 0928 Southwick Community Centre and stops via Manor Hall Road towards Brighton
  • 62 (Compass Bus) - 0858 Balcombe Station, 0900 Balcombe Half Moon, 0905 Cowdray Arms
  • 62 (Compass Bus) - 0905 Balcombe Half Moon, 0907 Balcombe Station, 0914 Whitemans Green (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
  • 66C (Compass Bus) - 0904 Westergate, 0912 Shripney, 0916 Tesco
  • 69 (Compass Bus) - 0921 Loxwood, 0925 Ifold, 0929 Plaistow (Tuesdays and Fridays)
  • 99 (Compass Bus) - 0925 approx by request Hampers Green.

These concessions are subject to change. Check with the bus operator if you are unsure if your pass will be valid on your journey.

You will not be able to use your pass on:

  • services where most seats are reserved, such as coaches
  • long distance services with limited stops
  • services that run for less than six weeks, such as special event buses
  • tourist services such as open-top bus tours
  • buses which are replacing trains.

Where you can't use your pass you will have to pay the full, normal fare, but you may be able to get help if you're travelling to hospital or healthcare facilities.

6 Renewing or updating your bus pass

An older person's bus pass is valid for five years.

If you continue to use your pass, the County Council will automatically send you a new one before your current pass is due to expire.

If your pass was issued in West Sussex and you have used it within the last 12 months, we will automatically send you a new one before your current pass expires.

You will not automatically receive a new pass if you:

  • have not used your pass in the last 12 months
  • have had your pass refused by a ticket machine on the bus
  • change your details, such as name or address
  • had your pass issued by another county council.

If any of the above is the case, you will need to apply for a new pass online:

Apply online at My Bus Pass (external link)

Note that if you move out of West Sussex you must return your pass to us.

Bus pass holders who move to West Sussex

If you have a bus pass issued by another county and you move to West Sussex, you must:

7 Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged bus pass

If you have damaged or lost your pass, or if it has been stolen, you can apply for a replacement online.

Apply online at My Bus Pass (external link)

The following charges to replace your pass will apply.

  • Stolen pass, if you provide a crime reference number - no charge for a first replacement pass
  • Stolen pass, for a further replacement pass, or if you cannot provide a crime reference number - £11.00
  • Lost or damaged pass - £11.00

When applying for a replacement pass you do not need to include a photo.

8 Contact details

Please email us if you need help or advice and we will respond as soon as possible. Make sure you include your phone number if you would like us to call you to discuss your query.

Alternatively, contact the West Sussex Bus Pass Information helpline between 9.00am to 4.00pm, Monday-Friday.

If you are calling outside of these hours, leave a message and we will call you back.

If you find a bus pass, or have a pass that is no longer required (for example, if the pass holder has passed away), please return it to us with a covering note.

Last updated:
19 June 2024
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