Donate a Tree Scheme

Improve your environment by contributing to our Donate a Tree Scheme and planting a tree.

1 Overview

We aspire to replace every tree we fell, but sometimes this is not possible. We manage the demand for new and replacement trees by splitting our annual planting budget evenly between replacement and new planting.

Members of the public are able to contribute to our tree planting programme by taking part in our Donate a Tree Scheme. For a contribution, we will plant a tree outside your property (subject to a site assessment), or on highway maintained land (subject to the correct permissions being granted).

The budget for tree planting is limited and all requests are assessed to ensure they meet our criteria.

If you request a tree and are not willing to contribute towards its cost, your request will be added to our tree planting list. These requests can take up to three years to fulfill and will only be added to the tree planting schedule if there is sufficient budget available.

2 About the scheme

  • We will supply and plant a new tree in the next planting season.
  • The tree will be a staked, container grown ‘extra heavy standard’ (approximately 2-3 meters tall), with a strimmer guard and irrigation tube installed.
  • If you wish, you can request a list of tree species appropriate to your location to choose from.
  • For the first three years after it is planted, the tree will receive an annual visit from the Young Tree Maintenance Team. They will inspect and carry out any routine maintenance and formative pruning.
  • If the tree dies or becomes unviable due to damage or vandalism in the first 12 months after planting, we will guarantee a replacement in the next planting season.
  • The contribution cost is £150 per tree. 
  • If we receive your request by the end of August, this will guarantee the tree is included in the upcoming planting season. 

If you would like to take part in the scheme you can apply online

3 Request a tree

Complete the form below to request a tree.

Tree planting request form

4 What happens next?

Once we have received your form, a highway steward will assess the proposed site to see if it is suitable. Factors such as sight line issues, underground and overhead restrictions and verge width will be considered when assessing your request.

  • If the location is considered to be inappropriate for tree planting we will contact you explaining why.
  • If there are no issues an arboriculturist (tree specialist) will assess the location for the appropriate tree species.
  • If we approve your request we will contact you to confirm that you still want to contribute towards the cost of the tree. If so, we will arrange for the payment to be made.

The process should take 3-4 weeks.

The tree will be planted at the end of the year.

Last updated:
23 May 2018

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