Our waste disposal contracts

Find out about our three waste disposal contracts.

As the Waste Disposal Authority, we have a duty to arrange for the disposal of rubbish and recycling collected by the district and borough councils.

We are responsible for the treatment and disposal of approximately 400,000 tonnes of waste each year.

We manage the disposal of this through 3 contracts:

  • Recycling and Waste Handling Contract (RWHC) - Known as Recycle for West Sussex, this contract began in April 2004 and is provided by Biffa West Sussex Limited.
  • Materials Resource Management Contract (MRMC) - This contract began in July 2010 and was awarded, in conjunction with our district and borough council partners, to Biffa West Sussex Limited.
  • Refuse Derived Fuel Contract (RDF) - This contract was awarded to the West Sussex Britaniacrest Seneca Partnership. In April 2018 exports to Germany and Holland commenced, where the RDF will be used to produce heat and power.