About Ford Materials Recycling Facility (MRF)

Find out about recycling at our facility in Ford.

Recycling at Ford MRF

As the Waste Disposal Authority, we have a duty to arrange for the disposal of rubbish and recycling collected by the district and borough councils in West Sussex.

Each year we treat and dispose of approximately 400,000 tonnes of waste. Recycling from households in West Sussex is delivered to Ford MRF via a network of transfer stations. 

The mixed recycling is then mechanically sorted and separated into individual material types, baled up and transported to reprocessors for manufacturing into new goods and products. You can see what happens to each of the different types of waste on our Types of waste pages. 

To help the MRF perform to its full potential it is vital that only the correct items are put in your recycling bin at home. The incorrect items risk damaging the MRF and could ruin the quality of the correct items for recycling. 

For more information about what can go in your home recycling bin check out our Recycling A-Z

You can watch a video about the process of kerbside recycling.

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What happened to collected recycling

Find out what happened to the recycling collected from your homes and from your local recycling centre (RC) over the last year in the table below.