Reuse and repurpose around the house

Real life examples of reuse at home.

Last updated

3 August 2023

Reuse in the garden

Here's a picture of some of the re-used items I have in my garden. I'm using the old Adur recycling box as a container to grow tomatoes in. The barrel is collecting rain water and was an item that someone in the village wanted to get rid of, so it was collected for free. The other planter was lying in an alleyway on a pile of rubbish, which was brought home, cleaned and replanted.

Repurposing - a good habit to have

After a neighbour threw this floor lamp out, I stripped off the electrical components leaving a free standing climbing frame for plants such as sweet peas. The electrical parts went to the WEEE section at the Recycling Centre. The metal and cane are now the only components so no plastic has been introduced into the garden and eventually, after its second life, the cane will break down in a compost heap and the metal can go to the Recycling Centre.

Written by: Jean, Adur resident

A rainy day activity

My late mother in law had two table lamps in need of upcycling. I dressed the lamps in an old unused scarf. It only took me short amount of time and I’m delighted with the results. I wrapped the scarf vertically around the old lampshade, cut to finish, and fixed in place using double sided tape.

Written by: Rong, Worthing resident

Homemade fire logs

My parents have been taking old paper packaging, newspapers and so on and turning them into firebricks for the winter. This is done by tearing the paper/card/cardboard/etc into small ragged pieces and soaking them in a large container. Clumps are extracted and compressed such that they dry in the shape of bricks. They can be left in the sun on a hot day.

Written by: Johnathan, Chichester resident