Reducing your waste has never been so easy!

How I reduce my waste.

Last updated

3 August 2023

Reduce your waste by:

  • only buying what's needed
  • buying products that have minimal packaging where possible
  • using refillable water bottles and coffee cups
  • not forgetting to take your reusable shopping bag to the shops
  • making use of refill shops - find a list of shops in West Sussex on our Community Climate Action Hub.
  • repairing things - see the Big Fix page
  • donating unwanted items
  • using alternative food packaging such as reusable containers, beeswax wraps and so on
  • using an e-reader
  • getting creative by making new things from old materials like making a bag from old clothing - there are lots of resources online to help.

Before putting something in the general waste bin, ask yourself four questions:

  1. Can it be repaired?
  2. Can it be cleaned and reused for the same or a different purpose?
  3. Would anyone else want it?
  4. Can it be recycled in either your home recycling bin or at a local recycling centre?