Waste prevention and recycling education

Education programmes for waste prevention and recycling.

The Wastebuster programme

For over 10 years, the Wastebuster programme of education for schools about waste prevention and recycling has been provided free of charge by the County Council, on behalf of the West Sussex Waste Partnership (WSWP). The WSWP brings together all of the local authorities in the county working effectively towards a common goal of providing the best possible services for our residents. Over 80 per cent of primary schools have actively engaged with the programme's resources and campaigns.

Primary school programme

Our free schools' waste education programme is made available via the Wastebuster schools’ website. All school staff can access a huge range of multi-media classroom, eco-team and homework resources to support primary age children learning about waste prevention and recycling. It will help schools and local communities prevent waste and recycle more. All school staff can have their own free account to access Wastebuster resources and receive additional support, news and information.

To request an account, contact Wastebuster:

Secondary school programme

Secondary schools have requested support to deliver waste prevention and recycling education. In response, a free secondary school programme is being developed for launch in September 2021. Wastebuster has consulted with local secondary schools and the West Sussex Youth Cabinet to gain insight to support the creation of the programme, ensuring it is relevant, engaging and effective.

Home learning for primary age children

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the WSWP and Wastebuster have provided the website Wastebuster Home Learning. This site features challenges, crafts, quizzes and other educational activities aimed at primary age children. These engage and entertain while teaching them about waste prevention and recycling. Children can earn achievement badges for completing activities and can enter competitions, with opportunities to share their work with others and win prizes.