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Glasses (spectacles)

How to dispose of spectacles.

Pairs of spectacles laid out in 4 diagonal lines.

You can dispose of these in your general household waste or take them to your local recycling centre (RC).

  • Which home bin

    You can put glasses in your general waste bin.

  • Which RC container

    Use the general waste container.

  • Which RC accept this waste

    All our recycling centres accept glasses.

  • Further information

    It is estimated that there are 200 million people in the developing world whose quality of life would be drastically improved if they owned a pair of glasses. You can donate your old glasses by:

    • asking your optician if they’ll take back your old pair for recycling
    • sending them to the Lions Club. They collect glasses and distribute to them to charities.
  • You could also...

    • request your opticians simply change the lenses
    • check with your optician to see if they will accept old glasses back for reuse or recycling.
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