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How to recycle glass, bottles, jars and pots.

Various types of glass.

You can dispose of glass, bottles, jars and pots in your recycling bin at home. Other types of glass such as drinking glasses, oven-proof dishes and so on should be taken to your local recycling centre (RC). We have a separate entry for window glass.

  • Which home bin

    Only bottles, jars and pots can be placed in your recycling bin at home. Please ensure they are clean and dry. Remove and recycle lids separately.

  • Which RC container

    Use the mixed recycling container.

  • Which RC accept this waste

    All our recycling centres accept glass.

  • Safety information

    Be careful that glass, bottles and jars are not smashed when you dispose of them.

  • Further information

    Bottles, jars and pots made of glass have a different melting temperature than other types of glass which could contaminate the recycling. This is why you can only place bottles, jars and pots in your home recycling bin.

  • You could also...

    • reuse your jam jars at home for homemade jams and chutneys.
    • use them to store items such as screws and nails, or other food ingredients like sugar.
Last updated:
23 May 2024
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