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What to do with leftover, out-of-date or unused food.

Food leftovers.

Put food waste into your general waste bin or home composter.

  • Which home bin

    Home composting bin if available, otherwise general waste.

  • Which RC container

    Use the general household waste container.

  • Which RC accepts this waste

    All our recycling centres accept apples and other food waste.

  • Safety information

    Do not put food waste into your household garden brown/green waste bin or the recycling centre's green waste bin. The facilities where your green or garden waste is recycled are controlled by regulations which restrict the materials they can accept.

  • Further information

    Check your fridge is set at 5C or less to stop food going off early. Freezers should be set for -10C or less.

  • You could also...

    • check if it can be used. Much of the food we throw away is edible.
    • freeze bread or milk to use at a later time.
    • check your use by dates. Items can still be frozen up to this date.
    • freeze any leftovers for another day.
    • make surplus ingredients into a stew or soup before freezing.
    • share surplus food on a community app, such as OLIO.
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