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How to dispose of fireworks.

An old box of fireworks.

Fireworks must not be disposed of in your general waste at home and you cannot take them to recycling centres.

  • What you must do

    • As the holder of a firework, you have a duty of care to ensure its safe disposal.
    • Never try to dispose of a firework on a fire.
    • Follow advice from the Chief Fire Officer’s Association: ‘The safest way of dealing with a firework that is complete and undamaged is to function it in accordance with the instructions provided.’
    • Out-of-date or damaged fireworks can be extremely dangerous. Submerge the firework in a bucket of water for at least 48 hours. You don’t want it to dry out as it might become more dangerous.
  • You could also...

    • try contacting the place you bought the fireworks from - they may operate a 'take back' scheme.
    • contact the manufacturer for advice about safe disposal - their details should be on the box.
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