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Egg boxes

How to dispose of egg boxes.

An egg box.

You can dispose of these items in your home bins or at your local recycling centre (RC).

  • Put in your recycling bin

    • Cardboard egg boxes
    • Plastic egg boxes
  • Put in your general waste bin

    • Polystyrene egg boxes
  • Which RC container

    • For recyclable egg boxes, use the mixed recycling container.
    • For non-recyclable egg boxes, use the general waste container.
  • Which RC accept this waste

    All our recycling centres accept egg boxes.

  • Further information

    Some independent retailers take their boxes back for re-use.

  • You could also...

    • try not to buy eggs in polystyrene boxes that aren't recyclable.
    • use cardboard egg boxes as containers for growing plant seeds.


Last updated:
23 May 2024
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