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Community care equipment

What to do with old community care equipment.

A walking frame and crutches.

Do not dispose of community care equipment at home. Take this waste to your local recycling centre (RC).

  • Which RC container

    Use the community care equipment container.

    Check with staff at the centre if you are unsure where to place your item.

  • Which RC accept this waste

    All our recycling centres accept community care equipment.

  • Further information

    You can return these items to Recycling Centres:

    • Walking sticks and crutches – all kinds.
    • Walking frames – all kinds.
    • Rollators - walking aids with wheels and seats.
    • Stackable commodes.
    • Stackable perching stools.
    • Stackable toilet frames.
    • Toilet seat raisers.
    • Slings/slide sheets.

    You cannot return these items to Recycling Centres:

    • Electrical items of care equipment.
    • Items of equipment that are unsuitable for refurbishment.
    • Larger equipment (for example hospital style beds, hoists, and so on).
  • You can also...

    Millbrook Healthcare, the community equipment provider, can arrange for the safe collection of items that Recycling Centres are unable to accept or that you are unable to take to a drop off point.

    Contact Millbrook Healthcare, Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm:

    Millbrook Healthcare will recycle any items that cannot be refurbished and reused.

Last updated:
23 May 2024
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