Kinship Support team

What our team can offer to kinship carers, children and professionals in West Sussex

West Sussex has a dedicated Kinship Support team.

The team supports kinship carers who hold Special Guardianship and Child Arrangement Orders. It also supports some families who are caring for a child where there is no legal order in place.

Support is available to kinship carers who care for a child from birth up until their 18th birthday.

What we offer

We can help kinship carers by offering:

  • a welcome call and welcome pack for new special guardians
  • monthly email newsletters
  • monthly coffee mornings
  • celebration events for kinship families
  • support though a Needs Assessment and Support Plan, to identify and provide support
  • application to therapeutic support via Adoption Support Fund (where relevant)
  • application to the CAMHS Therapeutic Access Panel
  • advice for managing family time/contact including review meetings and mediation
  • signposting, advice and guidance, with some direct support for housing, education and health
  • peer mentoring programme

We work with children by offering:

  • therapeutic life-story work
  • mentoring programme for children in kinship care

We offer consultation and advice for professionals:

  • to support private SGO applications
  • training, workshops and specialist intervention work with carers
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