Rosa, Resourcing and Talent Acquisition Specialist

Rosa tells us how she started with WSCC on a career taster and how she's progressed in the four years since then.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Rosa, I’m 26 years old. I am a Resourcing and Talent Acquisition Specialist within the Recruitment Team. I currently deliver and lead on recruitment for the Communities Directorate which includes, Libraries, Customer Experience, and Property and Assets to name a few! I have been working for West Sussex County Council since June 2019.

Why did you want to do a career taster/What did you want to achieve?

Before joining WSCC, I studied a BA (Hons) Education degree at University of Chichester. A requirement of my degree was two 3-week placements at a professional workplace. As well as using part of the career taster to complete assignments and part of my dissertation, I wanted to get exposure to working in a professional environment with a diverse range of people, which was something I had not had the opportunity to experience before.

What did you have to do to apply and get the career taster? For example, interview, application process.

I went onto the West Sussex County Council website and there was a dedicated page to career tasters. I called the phone number listed and was passed onto a colleague. I had an informal conversation with the team where we identified what I wanted to get out of the career taster as well what they wanted from me. Overall, it was an easy experience and I felt supported and well informed.

What service was your career taster in, how long was it and what did you do?

In 2018, I worked alongside the Adult Education Business Team for three weeks. Part of my career taster was supporting with data collection and analysis for Adult Education across West Sussex focusing on the uptake of courses through the provider. I had the opportunity to attend meetings alongside colleagues and exposure of office life!

In 2019, I worked alongside the Learning and Development Team for three weeks. Part of this career taster was supporting with identifying improvements to update their website. I also had allocated time to collect data to support my dissertation ‘Why is it more crucial than ever to be digitally literate?’. I had the opportunity to meet and build relationships with a range of different colleagues across the HR and Organisational Development directorate. I also had the opportunity to attend a recruitment event.

What did you learn and achieve?

I learnt a lot. I built up the skills to network and negotiate with different type of people. It gave me an opportunity to explore career options outside of teaching, increased my independence and self-confidence.

Did the career taster meet your expectations, and did you get what you wanted out of it?

It exceeded my expectations - I went in expecting to be asked to support with mundane tasks that no one else wanted to do, but I felt welcomed and like part of the team. No two days were the same! I felt that the work I was doing made a real difference.

Testament to my first career taster experience, I came back to WSCC for another career taster opportunity and now four years on, I’m still here, now as a Resourcing and Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Was there something you particularly enjoyed about your career taster? For example, a moment that sticks out.

Key moments that stick out are attending a recruitment event. This sparked my interest into wanting to explore recruitment further! And working on a report and having the opportunity to present that report to key stakeholders.

How were you supported by West Sussex?

I was given time and freedom to lead my career taster experience whilst being supported by those around me. I had a key contact within the team who was essentially a ‘line manager’ and they were always available with any questions I had.

Can you tell us a little about your journey since your career taster? Why did you choose to stay with West Sussex?

After my second career taster, I finished my degree and began job hunting for graduate opportunities with other employers. I saw an opportunity to join the recruitment team as a Resourcing Officer (now Recruitment Coordinator), which was an entry level role.

I joined WSCC in June 2019 on a 3-month agency contract as a Resourcing Officer. After five months in the role, an opportunity for a permanent Resourcing Officer (Recruitment Coordinator) was available. I went for the opportunity and was successful.

I spent the next year developing my skills and expertise with the support of colleagues as well utilising WSCC’s learning and development opportunities through training and went for a promotional 3-month opportunity as a Resourcing and Talent Acquisition Specialist. This gave me the confidence to go for a permanent promotional opportunity as a Resourcing and Talent Acquisition Specialist, which is the role I am in now.

Since my promotion, I have been involved in several projects including international recruitment, newly qualified social workers, and restructures within the business and contributing to continuous development of the team.

I have chosen to stay with WSCC because my team and management have invested in me, not only as a recruitment specialist but as an individual. I feel trusted to do my job. I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by a supportive and like-minded team! I feel a sense of freedom to push the boundaries of my role to strive to be better.

Would you recommend a career taster to others?

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am indebted to my career tasters experience. If you are thinking about wanting to get more experience or are thinking about a career change... a career taster offers a no commitment way to gain more insight and experience into a sector! My career taster experiences provided me with a foundation to start my career and a real-world experience in the workplace is second to none.

These career taster opportunities complete changed the changed the trajectory of the career I thought I wanted!

Last updated:
30 June 2023
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