Staff development in mental health and emotional wellbeing

Ideas, resources, and support to help staff to increase their knowledge and confidence in supporting pupils with their mental health and emotional wellbeing.


Schools that are thriving in this area:

  • have an appointed Senior Mental Health Lead (SMHL) who has accessed DfE-approved training to support them to carry out their role
  • find ways that the SMHL can cascade information to all school staff
  • source appropriate training for those members of staff who are delivering mental health education  
  • source appropriate training for members of staff in early identification of mental health difficulties  
  • support staff to learn about and develop strategies to create mentally healthy classrooms
  • have carried out a training needs analysis to identify where gaps lie in terms of staff knowledge and confidence around mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • ensure that the SMHL has adequate time to carry out their role, including attendance at the West Sussex SMHL Locality Network Meetings
  • be aware of national and local opportunities for staff CPD
  • find ways to reduce barriers to staff accessing CPD
  • ensure that opportunities for mental health and wellbeing CPD are available to as many staff members as possible (including support staff)
  • have a named governor for wellbeing who can work alongside senior leaders to identify strategic ways to increase access to CPD around mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

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