Support for your new family

Support mechanisms to help you once you've adopted a child, and to help them settle into their new life.

We offer professional support, and encourage informal support gained through the forming of peer relationships through preparation groups. This way, you can create a network of people who are going through the same process as you. This is not mandatory though, and some applicants prefer not to do so.

Adoption Support Service

Knowing you can talk to someone about your queries and concerns as an adoptive parent is of vital importance to you and your family. Our Adoption Support Service is available to provide advice and guidance to adopters and their families, as well as adopted people and birth families who have had children adopted.

The Adoption Passport document under additional information outlines the support we offer.

For approved adopters and their families, including adopted children

Access to:

  • specialist advice
  • contact with other adopters
  • direct access and referrals to therapeutic and specialist services
  • management of face-to-face contact with birth family members
  • support groups.

For adults who were adopted as children

Access to:

  • advice on contact with birth family members
  • preparing adoption files for other agencies
  • referral to specialist groups and services
  • reunion work, including mediation
  • specialist advice on searching for, and gaining access to, birth records.

For birth family members where their children have been adopted

Access to:

  • independent advice on all matters relating to adoption
  • support groups
  • advice on - and negotiation of - contact arrangements, including postal contact
  • advice on tracing family members placed for adoption, including mediation
  • management of face-to-face contact with adoptive family members. 

For an independent voice, PAC-UK provides an advice line five days a week for County Council adoptive parents, plus three full-day surgeries every month in Haywards Heath for face-to-face contact.

Financial support

Financial support may also be available for some adoptive parents. This helps you to meet the ongoing financial demands of adoption which are determined by the needs of the child. This will be looked at during the assessment, which is then reviewed annually.

Adoption Support Fund

The Adoption Support Fund was established in 2015 to enable adoptive families to access funding to pay for specific therapeutic support.

To find out more on eligibility and how to access the Adoption Support Fund visit the First 4 Adoption website or contact the County Adoption Team.

Additional information

Last updated:
29 June 2018

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