Solar Together

Register for a group buying scheme to get solar panels for your home at a competitive price.


Solar Together Sussex is supported by councils across Sussex, including West Sussex County Council. It is a group buying scheme that will save you money on installing solar panels at home.

By generating electricity from the sun, you could reduce your annual carbon emissions by approximately one tonne each year and help West Sussex to become carbon neutral.

Registration is free and there’s no obligation to go ahead once you receive your personal recommendation. If you’re interested in taking part here’s what to do next: 

1) Free registration – You can register for the scheme before 6th October 2020. You’ll need to provide details of your roof, like its size and position. The more people that register, the better the deal for each household. Registration doesn’t commit you to anything.

2) Auction – An ‘auction’ will be held on 6 October when our pre-vetted solar installers will bid for the work.

3) Personal recommendation (offer) – You’ll be contacted from 26 October with a personalised offer based on the specifications of your roof. This will include the cost and return on investment from the solar panel installation.

4) You decide – You can choose to accept or reject the offer. There is no obligation to continue. You’ll have until 11 December to decide and you’ll be invited to a local information session if you want to go ahead.

5) Installation – If you accept the offer, you will be contacted by the winning supplier will contact you to schedule a survey of your roof and set an installation date.

To find out more about Solar Together Sussex, whether your home could be suitable for solar panels and how to register for the scheme, visit the website.

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