Solar Together

A group buying scheme to get solar panels for your home at a competitive price.


Solar Together Sussex is supported by councils across Sussex, including West Sussex County Council.

It is a group buying scheme that enables you to install high-quality, roof-mounted solar panels at a competitive price. You can also choose to fit a domestic battery system to store surplus electricity generated by the solar panels and use it when it’s needed.

By generating electricity from the sun, you could reduce your annual carbon emissions by approximately one tonne each year and help West Sussex to become carbon neutral.

Registration for the scheme is free and there’s no obligation to go ahead once to receive your personal recommendation.

We run Solar Together Sussex in conjunction with iChoosr, who work with skilled and accredited installers that offer customers a competitive price by taking advantage of economies of scale.

Installers fit the systems according to the standards of workmanship agreed between iChoosr and local councils.


More than 1,000 local households registered for the last round of Solar Together Sussex in autumn 2020. Registrations are now underway for the autumn 2021 round.

You can register free of charge and without obligation by 28th September via the Solar Together website.

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