Horsham Training Centre and Fire Station

Project overview

West Sussex County Council is delighted to share the exciting plans for a new training facility and Horsham Fire Station for West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.

The project to be built at High Wood, off the A24 at Horsham, was given the go-ahead at a Planning Committee meeting in February 2021.

The following information provides some information on the development including what it will look like and when it will be delivered.

The plans

The facility will incorporate a state-of-the-art training facility together with a new fire station to serve Horsham and the surrounding area. This will be the first training facility in the county for firefighters. The project will replace the current Horsham Fire Station in Hurst Road.

The new training centre will ensure that West Sussex’s firefighters continue to have the skills and knowledge to keep residents safe for years to come.

The facilities will immerse firefighters in real-life operational situations making them better equipped and skilled to keep the communities of West Sussex and surrounding areas safe. It will also let firefighters train in realistic scenarios including working at height.

The proposed site

The detailed landscape proposals can be found below: 

Lanscape proprosals for Horsham Training Centre and Fire Station

The development will include:

  • A fire station in the centre of the site, consisting of appliance bays, office space, training rooms, bedrooms and community space;
  • A Live-Fire Training Facility (LFTF) located towards the southern end of the site. This will use a system in which the smoke will emit as a colourless, odourless haze;
  • A building for housing breathing apparatus;
  • A Cold Smoke Training Tower (CSTT) within the centre of the eastern part of the site that would use a water-based system;
  • A four-bay garage for training appliances, located at the north eastern corner of the site;
  • Car parking, plus electric vehicle charging capability;
  • An above ground water tank for the sprinkler system and potential underground LPG storage;
  • Primary vehicular access from the north of the site.  


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