Resourcing and talent

Theme 4

We attract and retain a diverse range of high-quality staff using best practice techniques and good planning

Where we want to be

  • We are able to attract, recruit and retain the staff we need to deliver public services for the residents of West Sussex.
  • We are better able to recruit and retain permanent leaders and managers.
  • WSCC has a strong reputation as an employer externally.
  • We recruit and retain staff and leaders who share our beliefs and values.

What we will do to achieve this

  • Enable the development of internal talent and reduce the reliance on external recruitment and interim solutions to fill management and leadership posts through the development and implementation of succession management tools and approaches.

  • Introduce efficient exit interview arrangements such that insight is obtained from all leavers to inform organisational learning regarding the employment experience and retention actions.

  • Develop and launch a clear employee offer reflecting modern approaches to employment and working practices, reward and terms and conditions. This will be used as the basis for building our reputation as an employer and therefore enhancing our ability to recruit and retain people with the values, skills and capacities we need.

  • Implement workforce planning in each Directorate to ensure proactive action plans are implemented to ensure we able to recruit sufficient staff to meet medium- and long-term needs. This will involve taking actions to invest in the development of our staff, particularly through apprenticeships, to develop the skills needed by services in the future.

  • Introduce an improved redeployment offer that enhances our ability to retain staff who are impacted by reorganisations and restructuring.

  • Review our workforce diversity information and take action to address issues identified, with the first step being to reduce information gaps for disability; sexual orientation; race/ethnicity; religion/belief, so that these decisions are evidence based.

Benefit for staff

  • Staff experiences inform actions to improve retention and staff are supported to develop their skills over the long term.

Benefit for residents

  • Sufficient staff are employed with the values and skills required to deliver the best possible service level to residents and communities.

How will we know if we are performing well?

  • Senior Management positions are filled by permanent West Sussex County Council employees and there is low turnover in these roles.
  • Number of new apprentice starters over the past 12 months.
  • The turnover of employees on a permanent contract is at a healthy level.