People Framework 2021 to 2025

Setting out interventions and actions to support improved focus on how we achieve Our Council Plan.

The People Framework documents the values of our organisation, details themes that are critical to us being the kind of organisation we want to be and provides information about the actions we are taking to achieve this.

At the core of the framework is a focus on the communities we serve, effective leadership, strong officer and member relationships, a commitment to partnership working and a valued and high-performing workforce. The framework identifies the interventions that are required to achieve the priority outcomes set out in Our Council Plan.

Over the medium term, the People Framework will evolve and develop as outcomes are delivered and milestones reached. We will use the learning gained at each stage to refine and develop the framework. The People Framework therefore identifies four key themes that will help shape our organisation, our leadership, and our workforce in the future in support of West Sussex County Council’s priority action areas.

Equality, diversity and inclusion underpin each theme and the Framework as a whole.