Wellbeing, values and ways of working

Theme 2

We have an inclusive and supportive culture, work in partnership and reward individual and team contribution

Where we want to be

  • We have an inclusive and supportive culture, work in partnership and reward individual and team contribution.
  • Staff, managers and leaders are supported to maintain their mental health and wellbeing.
  • The views and concerns of staff, including those from underrepresented groups inform organisational learning and improved employment experience.
  • All staff are treated with dignity and respect and staff feel listened to.

What we will do to achieve this

  • In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic we have experienced a significant period of change. Our New Ways of Working Cell will continue to be vital for ensuring the organisation continues to operate efficiently and effectively over the long term. Alongside this we will promote smarter working using technology to support efficient decision making and enabling staff to work flexibly.
  • Develop our employee’s voice with the aim of understanding and addressing problems and issues that individuals and groups of staff face, ensuring that individuals can be themselves at work and are valued for their contribution. In particular, this will focus on establishing new and effective methods for raising concerns and giving feedback.
  • Refresh Equality and Diversity frameworks and Dignity and Respect at Work policies will be developed and implemented. We will also work collaboratively with our staff groups to enhance their influence and involvement in our people policies and practices and the support they can provide to their members. We will also continue to build on and develop positive relationships with trade unions.
  • We will ensure that staff health, safety and wellbeing are prioritised and establish proactive and preventative approaches to the management of mental health.
  • Alongside this, we will develop and implement a whole council approach to mental health and wellbeing, jointly with Public Health, to enable
    proactive and preventative support to maintaining mental health of our staff, managers and leaders.

Benefit to staff

  • Staff feel listened to and are supported to manage their health and wellbeing.

Benefit to residents

  • Services are more diverse and representative of the residents they support, staff are supported to work efficiently and effectively in support of residents.

How will we know if we are performing well?

  • Staff survey data indicates that staff feel that they are treated with dignity and respect by work colleagues.
  • High disclosure rates for self-declaration of an employee’s: disability, sexual orientation, race/ ethnicity, religion.
  • Staff survey indicates that ideas and opinions are valued and are used to help shape the way we work.