Capital Projects Delivery Team

How we tackle major building and land projects in the county.

The Capital Projects Delivery Team is responsible for:

  • new buildings and alteration and adaptation of existing buildings
  • providing advice for the disposal and/or acquisition of land.

We spend around £50m a year on projects (excluding Private Finance Initiative (PFI), Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Design Build Operate (DBO) projects). Our aim is to ensure that all schemes are delivered within the parameters of good design, programme, budget and quality in the most sustainable and economical way possible.

Building contract directives

Economy Planning and Place continually strives to maintain standards of quality in the design, construction, repair and operation of buildings owned and managed by West Sussex County Council.

Guidance on the procedures to be followed by consultants, contractors, architects and administrators can be found in the BCD documents listed below, which are available by request.

This page is currently under review.

Supporting documents

  • Index - In order of Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) work stages
  • Introduction
  • BCD.1 - Insurance provisions
  • BCD.2 - Liquidated damages - methods of assessment
  • BCD.3 - Performance bonds
  • BCD.4 - Design and build with schedule of contract amendments - Currently unavailable
  • BCD.4 - Intermediate (with contractor's design) and schedule of contract amendments
  • BCD.4 - Intermediate (without contractor's design) and schedule of contract amendments
  • BCD.4 - Minor works and schedule of contract amendments
  • BCD.4 - Standard building contract (with quantities) and schedule of contract amendments - Currently unavailable
  • BCD.4 - Standard building contract (without quantities) and schedule of contract amendments
  • BCD.5 - Corruption clauses in contracts
  • BCD.6 - Procedures to be followed during the tender period and the analysis of tenders
  • BCD.7 - Contingency sums and dayworks
  • BCD.8 - PC and provisional sums
  • BCD.9 - Correction of errors in price tender documents
  • BCD.10 - Value Added Tax
  • BCD.11 - Financial control of work in progress
  • BCD.12 - Project financial reports
  • BCD.13 - Statements of final costs on capital schemes
  • BCD.14 - Provision of fire fighting equipment
  • BCD.15 - Soft landings and Facilities Management involvement on capital projects
  • BCD.16 - Use of on-site services by contractors and the cleaning of premises affected by building operations
  • BCD.17 - Final account documentation and audit
  • BCD.18 - Architect's, contract administrator's and employer's instructions
  • BCD.19 - Drawing submission standards
  • BCD.20 - Provision for furniture and equipment in building contracts
  • BCD.21 - Sustainable design and construction
  • BCD.22 - Trustee status of retention monies
  • BCD.23 - Fire safety in design
  • BCD.24 - New provisions or changes to water, gas and electricity supplies, including disconnections and meter removals
  • BCD.25 - Tenders and contracts
  • BCD.26 - Testing, assessment and work with asbestos-containing materials - Currently unavailable
  • BCD.27 - Disclosure and Barring Service
  • BCD.28 - Ensuring best value during the design and implementation of schemes
  • BCD.29 - Implementation of the construction (design and management) regulations 2015
  • BCD.31 - Identification of public rights of way on documents
  • BCD.32 - Procedures relating to practical completion, defects liability and the issue of the final certificate on projects
  • BCD.33 - The deduction of liquidated and ascertained damages
  • BCD.34 - Land use and the design of new buildings
  • BCD.35 - Ordnance Survey mapping: copyright
  • Guidance on our complaints process
  • BCD.37 - Crime and Disorder Act 1998 - liaison with the police authority in compliance with the "Secure by Design" initiative
  • BCD.38 - Appraisal of development/feasibility or design proposals by Economy Planning and Place prior to formal issue
  • BCD.39 - Checklist of activities relating to arrangements for inviting tenders and placing contracts
  • BCD.40 - Financial arrangements with schools on joint funded schemes
  • BCD.41 - Arranging urgent remedial works and/or temporary accommodation following fire or similar damage
  • BCD.42 - Payment for materials stored off site
  • BCD.44 - Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (Part II) - please refer to BCD.4
  • BCD.45 - Forecasting capital programme budgets and costs - please refer to BCD.38
  • BCD.46 - Management and control of contractors about health, safety and welfare
  • BCD.47 - Procedures for submission and determination of a planning application
  • BCD.48 - Human Rights Act 1998 and Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999
  • BCD.50 - Procedures to be adopted upon the insolvency of a contractor
  • BCD.51 - Agreeing the layout of fixtures and fittings in rooms prior to first fix of mechanical and electrical and sundry items
  • BCD.52 - Playing field and landscaping procurement procedures - education site
  • BCD.53 - Sketch plan panel
  • BCD.54 - Construction site signage
  • BCD.55 - Handover of health and safety file information to WSCC - Currently unavailable
  • BCD.56 - Handover of project record information and operating and maintenance manuals to WSCC - Currently unavailable
  • BCD.58 - Obtaining building control services
  • BCD.59 - For WSCC site waste management guidance please refer to BCD21 - sustainable design and construction
  • E417 - Health and safety - Information provided by the client
  • E555 - Construction project - Health and safety file
  • Standard documents - To be used by commissioned consultants or within Economy Planning and Place on building projects
  • Bond Deposit Agreement proforma
  • New Form of Bond
  • Parent company guarantee from contractor's parent company
  • Professional team's collateral warranty (employer)
  • Sub-contractor's collateral warranty (authority)
  • Employers schedule of contract amendments
Last updated:
4 May 2023
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