Access to Work funding

Getting employment if you have a disability or a mental or physical health condition.

Sometimes, having a disability or a health condition can make it difficult to work. The Access to Work funding scheme is available for people who need support to work.

The kind of help available includes:

  • A support worker, helper or job coach.
  • Somebody to help you communicate, such as an interpreter.
  • Special equipment to help you in your role.
  • Changes to your workplace to make it more accessible. This can include your own home if you work from home.
  • Help towards the costs of taxi fares if you cannot use public transport to get to work.

Access to Work funding does not affect benefits.

Making an application

To apply for Access to Work funding, you must:

  • be aged 16 or older
  • have a paid job (or be about to start one) - this includes apprenticeships and internships
  • have a mental or physical health condition, or a disability, that makes your job more difficult. This can include temporary difficulties such as a broken leg.

You can also:

You can apply on behalf of somebody else, for example if an adult you care for needs help with the process. The Department for Work and Pensions will need to get the other person’s consent for this.

If you are an employer, you can get more information from GOV.UK with the Access to work guide for employers.

Applying to the Access to Work fund

Richard Lamplough from ‘A Potential Diamond’ has made a series of films for West Sussex County Council to help guide you through the process.

An introduction - Richard introduces why the films have been made and what they are about

5 mins

Benefits - What you need to think about if you are on benefits, including the ‘permitted work’ rule.

7 mins

Who should make the application? - The role of a ‘key supporter’ in helping someone make an application.

6 mins

The key supporter's role - How key supporters can help with job interviews.

13 mins

The 95% rule - How to decide if it is worth applying for Access to Work.

5 mins

How to apply - Making a claim by telephone.

7 mins

How to apply - Making a claim online.

16 mins

From application to support plan - How to approach starting a job.

8 mins

Introducing the support plan - What questions you are likely to be asked.

9 mins

Finishing the support plan - Looking at five key areas of support, including travelling to work.

17 mins

Pricing the support plan - What costs make up a plan, including sourcing a job coach.

13 mins

Paperwork - How to complete the paperwork once your claim has been awarded.

18 mins