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Candle jars and diffusers

How to dispose of candle jars and diffusers.

3 jar candles and some matchsticks.

You can place candle jars and diffusers in your general household waste or take it to your local recycling centre (RC).

  • Put in your general waste bin

    Candle jars, diffusers and plastic air fresheners can't be recycled, so please place them in your general waste bin.

  • Which RC container

    Use the general household waste container.

  • Which RC accepts this waste

    All our recycling centres accept candle jars and diffusers.

  • Safety information

    Ensure candle wax is cold and solid before disposal.

  • Further information

    Diffuser bottles that still contain some oil should also be put in the general waste bin.

  • You could also...

    • Carefully pour boiling water into the candle jar and wait for the wax to detach. Once cool put the remaining wax in the general waste bin and reuse the jar for storing items.
Last updated:
17 May 2024
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