About West Sussex County Council schools

We have small rural, coastal and urban schools within our county. There are three main types of schools within West Sussex:

  • Primary - we have primary schools that go through from reception to year 6, Infant schools for reception through to year 2 and Junior schools for years 3 to 6. These schools vary in size, from small schools with under 100 pupils to large ones with over 600 pupils.
  • Secondary - these are larger than our primary schools, as they are set within areas where pupils from local primary schools progress into year 7. Secondary schools are from school years 7 to 11. Some of our secondary schools have a sixth form provision, which is for 16–19 year-olds for further education such as A-levels.
  • Special - these schools can be accessed by pupils aged 2-19. Different schools cater for various age ranges or for all the age range. Each school has its own specialism for supporting those with additional needs. Some of our schools focus on different needs such as:
  • pupils with a wide range of learning difficulties and associated special needs, including children with medical conditions
  • pupils with social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties
  • pupils with moderate, severe, or profound learning needs
  • pupils with complex learning difficulties
  • pupils with learning difficulties and additional needs.

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