Leadership and management

Theme 1

We have competent and confident leaders and managers who live and behave in line with our values

Where we want to be

  • Leaders role model the values and behaviours that are expected across WSCC and create a more positive, supportive and empowering work environment for staff.
  • There is stability in senior leadership.
  • Our leaders and staff have the confidence and support to deliver change and continuous improvement.

What we will do to achieve this

  • Ensure that most senior leadership roles are filled on a permanent basis. This recruitment and subsequent development of our leaders must promote longevity and focus on the development of leaders who are aligned to, and lead in accordance with, our values and the culture we aspire to.
  • Review our “Being a Manager and Leader” framework so that we have a clear articulation of our expectations of managers and leaders in WSCC and what they need to know, what we expect them to do and how we expect them to behave, when they are leading their teams and services and the organisation in a valued centred way. The framework will be embedded into recruitment and promotion, performance management, and development processes.
  • Leaders will a create a culture that values staff and will have the skills and knowledge required to lead and support teams and individuals through
    a coaching style of leadership to encourage accountability, innovation and creativity. We will therefore develop leadership capability through development programmes targeted at 3 levels:
    • Leading my team
    • Leading my service
    • Leading the organisation.
  • We will establish and develop a Leadership Forum for shared working, learning, partnership and collaboration. We will support collective leadership through the delivery of a number of “demonstrator” projects that will test and develop new ways of working.

Benefits to staff

  • There is a clear sense of purpose.
  • Staff feel valued and treated with integrity.

Benefit to residents

  • Those closest to the point of service delivery inform leadership thinking and decision making.

How will we know if we are performing well?

  • Staff survey data indicates that staff feel they are part of a supportive team where they regularly reflect on successes and challenges enabling continuous improvements.
  • There is a low vacancy rate and low turnover in leadership roles.
  • Staff survey indicates that ideas and opinions are valued and are used to help shape the way we work.