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Home safety

We try and make sure that residents receive the advice they need to keep safe and secure in their home.

On this part of the website you can find information on how to reduce the risk yourself, or how to apply for a fire safety check.

  • Tips on making your barbeque a safe and fun experience.
  • Fire safety tips and advice for small boat owners.
  • Advice from the Fire Service of what to do in the event of a fire in a high rise building.
  • Safety and advice for using candles and night lights.
  • Safety advice to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in the home.
  • Safety advice for parents on keeping children safe from fire.
  • Advice from the Fire Service on how to avoid chimney fires, and details of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps.
  • West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service explains the dangers of Chinese Sky lanterns.
  • Tips on how to make sure that your Christmas is safe and fire free.
  • Find out about free, radio-linked alarms for vulnerable members of the community.
  • Make sure you remain safe when in the countryside by following some useful advice from our firefighters.
  • Advice on some of the risks associated with e-cigarettes, along with some helpful tips with their use.
  • Do not put yourself or others at risk by using foreign electrical plugs in UK sockets. Advice on what to do.
  • Hints and tips on using electricity safely in the home.
  • Download fire safety booklets and leaflets for advice on protecting your family and home from fire hazards.
  • Advice to help prevent the fire risks associated with hoarding.
  • How fire safe is your home? Would you or someone you know benefit from a free Home Fire Safety Check?
  • Safety advice to reduce the risk to yourself in the kitchen.
  • Safety advice when using and storing petrol.
  • Protect you, your family and your home by planning your escape route if there is a fire.
  • Smoke alarms are effective in detecting many of the 60,000 house fires. Find advice on looking after your smoke alarm.
  • Fires are not unique to homes with a thatched roof, but there is a greater need for owners and occupiers of thatched properties to take extra care.
  • West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service has teamed up with neighbours Surrey and East Sussex to release a film highlighting the dangers of overheating wheat bags.


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