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We (West Sussex County Council) have adverts on our website, but this does not imply endorsement or recommendation of any particular products or services or that the Council is responsible for their quality and reliability. We accept no liability for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection to any advertisement appearing on our website. Please read our full Advertising Terms and Conditions.

Use of cookies
Information about how we use cookies on our website is available on our Web analytics, cookies and statistics page.

Making online payments securely
Payments made on our website are through third party It is safe to make payments to West Sussex County Council. It is our policy to protect your privacy by making your online transactions with the council secure.  We have strict security measures in place to prevent the alteration, loss or misuse of information on our computers.

When you send us your payment details, they are encrypted, or changed to unreadable code, on their journey between your computer and ours. So any information you send us cannot be read between these two points.

When your payment details arrive they are held securely at our end. Access to your information is carefully restricted.  We will only use your card details for the payment concerned. We will not disclose your card details to any third parties other than the bank which processes them for payment.

If you would like to check the secure status of our web server, where your details are held, please click on the VeriSign secure symbol, which is displayed on all payment pages.

Once your credit card company or bank has approved the payment, they will process it within two working days. Once your payment has been authorised, it will appear on a confirmation screen, which you may like to print out or save for future reference.

To make using the online payments service even more secure we automatically instruct most browsers to no longer cache personal information (i.e. store information in their memory). We are able to do this in the majority of instances but strongly advise that after you have completed making all your payments that you return to the one of home pages using the links on the final page.

Where the browser does not cache information, you may not be able to retrieve the last page you have visited by using the browser's back button. In some cases you may have to follow additional steps to refresh the page you have seen. Using the navigation buttons on the online payments service pages avoids any navigation problems.

The council complies with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and our online payments are subject to the tightest security under our control.

As a major employer and provider of services, members and officers of West Sussex County Council are committed to promoting equality, valuing diversity and combating unfair treatment.

The County Council has made a commitment to treat people as individuals. That means recognising what makes them a unique individual and adapting the way we work to reflect that.

Equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination is a fundamental right and we will exercise leadership and commitment in promoting this right. We believe we will achieve this through our roles as:

  • community leader
  • service provider
  • employer


We are committed to ensuring that current and potential service users, employees or job applicants will not be discriminated against on the grounds of social circumstances or background, gender, race, colour, ethnic origin, disability, sexuality, age, or religion.

The principles of tolerance and understanding and respect for others are central to what we believe.

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