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Social housing

Housing to rent

If you income is too low to afford to rent a property through a private landlord, you may ned to apply for 'social housing'. This is a property owned either by the local authority or a housing association (Registered Social Landlord).

You will need to apply directly to your district or borough council for inclusion on its housing register list for a council property, or to apply for housing association tenancy.

The cost of housing in most parts of West Sussex is high, and most districts and borough councils have long waiting lists. Properties are allocated on the basis of need and only households with a very high level of need are likely to be successful.

For more information about the options available in your area please see the 'Housing enquiries' section of our website and select the relevant local authority. Their websites will provide you with up-to-date information on housing in each district, and contact details of who you should speak to about your situation.

Exchanging your home for another

There are local and national programmes available should you already have a council home or you are a housing association tenant that would like to swap or exchange properties.

If you want to swap or exchange with someone in your area, please visit the Housing enquiries page and select your local authority's website.

Or, if you want to swap or exchange with someone outside your area, please visit one of the many websites that are listed on search engines, such as Google.

Affordable housing to buy (HomeBuy)

If you wish to buy a property but cannot afford to raise enough money for a mortgage then you may wish to find out about the HomeBuy government-funded low-cost home ownership scheme.

This covers the various types of shared ownership properties, such as:

  • shared equity
  • part rent/part buy options.

Included within this are some schemes specifically eligible for key workers.

Details of all HomeBuy schemes in Essex, Kent and Sussex can be found on the HomeBuy Options website.

Surrounding area information

  • For HomeBuy schemes in Hampshire, visit the HomesinHants website.
  • For HomeBuy schemes in Surrey, Berkshire and Oxfordshire, visit the Catalyst HomeBuy website.


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