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Changing schools in existing year groups

When children move to another school within the same year, these are called 'in-year admissions'. You can apply to move your child between schools at any time of the year, for example if you move address.

These year groups are often full and there can be no guarantee that a place will be available at the school that you want. Before you apply, make sure you have read the oversubscription criteria 2013/14 to ensure you fully understand our admission process, rules and criteria.

How to apply

1. How to apply for a school place in West Sussex

If you are applying for a school place in West Sussex, you can do so by downloading the relevant in-year application form. Please ensure that you use the correct form, dependent on who manages the school’s admissions.

The county’s procedures for in-year admissions are given in the supporting documents at the end of this page.

You can find details of schools through the West Sussex schools directory.

Which form do I use?

West Sussex Pupil Admissions Team manages the applications to Community and Controlled Schools as well as to many own admissions authority schools. This application form is IYA/WSCCMA and you can express a preference for up to three schools.

The completed IYA/WSCCMA form should be returned to the relevant office by email or post, as stated on the form. If you return the form by email to the appropriate address given at Help and Support you will receive an automatic acknowledgement that your message has been received.

Some schools manage their own admissions. A list of these schools is in the supporting documents. To apply for one of these schools you will need to complete form IYA/SMA on which you can only express a preference for that school.

This form needs to be returned to the school that you have named on the form.

Application forms for schools that manage their own admissions can also be obtained from the school or via their website. For all other schools in West Sussex you must use IYA/WSCCSMA.

If you are applying for a combination of schools for whom West Sussex manage admissions and schools who manage their own admissions, then you need to complete the IYA/WSCCSMA form and as many IYA/SMA forms as required.

Some schools, irrespective of who manages their admissions, might also ask you to complete their own Supplementary Information Form (SIF). A list of these schools is given in the supporting documents below. These forms are available on the oversubscription criteria 2013/14 page or by contacting the school. This form enables schools to gather additional information so applications can be considered correctly against their oversubscription criteria.

2. Applying for a school place in another local authority

If you are applying for a school place in another local authority in England you must contact that authority for advice about their policies and procedures. They will tell you how to make an application for a school in their area.

3. Applying for a school place from outside England

If you are living in the UK, but outside England, please apply for a West Sussex school by completing the relevant in-year application form. If you are living outside the UK, please contact your Pupil Admissions office for advice on whether you are entitled to apply for a place in a West Sussex school.

Supporting documents


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